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About Elvyn Lea Lights

Elvyn Lea (rhymes with heavenly) Lights are handcrafted right here in our Elvyn Lea studio using decorative paper, fabric, or photographs on glass cylinders. Papers and fabrics are selected for their beautiful colors and patterns as well as translucency, which allows the cylinders to glow with light. They can be illuminated with a battery operated LED or electric light source, or with a traditional candle.* Lights may be embellished or customized for special occasions. Please see individual listings for specific descriptions.


The introduction of LED lighting as a safe alternative to candles has made it possible to enjoy the comforting effects of candlelight without concerns about fire. When Elvyn Lea Lights are used with an LED light source, they may be safely used in every room at home as well as in offices, hospitals, schools, and other public settings where traditional candles are not permitted.


Our cylinder lights are crafted by hand, and many of the materials used have also been handmade. It is natural for variations in color, texture, and pattern to occur and this should be considered part of the character of the finished product. Please expect some irregularities. By placing your order, you are acknowledging and accepting this information. To protect colors, it is best to limit exposure to direct sunlight. To clean, simply wipe with a cloth. Do not immerse in water or wash in a dishwasher.


Not all available designs or options are shown. Please contact us if you are looking for specific colors, patterns, or sizes, or to inquire about custom orders. Wholesale inquiries also welcome.

*Never leave a burning candle unattended


Sizes & Styles:

Votive/Tea Light Size: 4” h; 3” diameter

Small: 6” h; 3 ¼” diameter

Medium: 7 ¼” h; 3 ¼” diameter

Large: 9” h; 3 ¼ diameter

Sleeve (open on both ends): 6” h; 4” diameter

Sleeve with lighted base: 6” h; 4” diameter sleeve with handcrafted wood base and electric light source


Wholesale & customer orders welcome

Blue & White Kozo Lace

Spring Flowers
  • Spring flowers in white and metallic gold on cream unryu paper with natural kozo strand inclusions. Unryu paper is commonly known as "rice paper" and is ideal for lighting due to its translucent qualities. 

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